There is Not Much Time Left, the Gate is About to Close

OCTOBER 4, 2020
Ruth Smith in China,

While I was praying in tongues this morning, I became very grief-stricken, and started to cry, then I received these following words:  “This is a crooked and perverse generation, I have raised up so many prophets, servants, watchmen, and messengers to cry and warn, that I even raised up little children to cry and warn, but how many have listened, how many have repented?

My daughter, this world is going to pass away very soon.  The day of My return is at hand, but how many have prepared? This world is about to change upside and down so soon, everything that you see with your own eyes right now will be no more.  My daughter, do not stop praying for the lost souls.  I love you and I love them too. I want all to be saved, none to perish. 

Warnings will cease very soon, and the judgements have begun.  I do not want to see the man I created to suffer all these, but in order to wake them up, to pull them back from the road leads to the pit of Hell, I must do this. There is not much time left and the gate is about to close.  Come to Me while there is still time.  Come, My children, come quickly.  Do not delay, for tomorrow may not belong to you.  I love you, My children, with an everlasting love.”

Your Abba, Heavenly Father

I Will Shake Thee Oh America

9/22/20  God’s Handmaiden

What must I do, oh America, to convince you of My coming judgement?  Many things will happen on your great land, oh America.  I will shake thee and sift you like wheat.  I come quickly, and seek you who are repentant.  Where are you, oh My sheep?  Do not allow the enemy to seek your soul. 

America, your stench of sin is at My nostrils, a foul smell of death.  My sheep, who hear My still small voice – you must continue to prepare for what you know is just ahead.  You know what has been prophesied.  The fall has begun in this year 2020.  September is fair, but soon comes the bear.  Prepare, Prepare.  Danger at every corner, lurking to entangle and ensnare. 

You will be divided, oh land of the free, not free any longer you will soon see.  Many will meet their maker during the fall.  One and all must humbly come unto Me.  The separation of families near and abroad.  Not happy occasions will there be.  Come unto Me now humbly and seek forgiveness.  As the ground begins to shake, I will hold you in the palms of My hands.

A shaking of your land off the Richter scale will take place due to your lack of reverence for Me.  Holy is your Lord and Savior and holy shall you be.  Answer my pleas.  Your days are shorter and shorter.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but all who are Mine shall soon dine.


As many of you know, on September 10 I shared a warning from DAUGHTEROFTHELORD entitled: “URGENT 2 DAY WARNING for 9/11/20!!!”, in which she warned of an attack on our soil that will be “a plague of boils that will start along the coastland and move inland. This will cause panic and fear and a nation filled with tears.” 

I encouraged everyone: “don’t take my word for it, but do your own research, check these things against the Word of God, and take these things to the Lord for authentication.  Remember that the Lord’s time is different from our time, and any message that contradicts the Word of God should be rejected.”  

After the 2 days passed and a plague of boils has apparently not happened, a friend of mine stated: “Clearly the message from “daughter of the Lord” is not from God.”

Here is my response:

Dear Bill:  

You raise a good and valid question, and I appreciate your raising it.  On the face of it, you are correct – the warning message stated: “Daughter, there are things coming your way in two days that will cause destruction in your land. As the enemy wants to commemorate things that happened on that day and to send a message in a new way”, and we have not seen this happen.

Here are some thoughts on this issue. 

1) There are false prophets

It is clear from The Word that there are false prophets, including those who believe they hear from the Lord but do not.  Elijah took on false prophets in a contest, won the contest, and the false prophets were destroyed.  The admonition against false prophets (and false teachers) in the Word is quite strong.  So DAUGHTEROFTHELORD could be a false prophet (although I don’t believe she is).

2) We should look at this person’s life. 

Although I don’t know DAUGHTEROFTHELORD personally, her messages are accepted and posted on a reputable Christian website.  They appear to be Biblically sound, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and posted by a humble servant of the Lord.

3) God’s time is not our time

As I stated when I sent this out, God’s time is not our time, and we usually do not grasp what is happening behind the scenes.  Obviously we should be skeptical when a prophetic word doesn’t happen on the time frame that is stated and that we anticipate.  It is interesting to note that Jeremiah warned for 20 years before destruction came, and I suspect that he did not know when it would come.

Although it goes against our rational thinking, the 2 days may refer to 2 months, putting her prophecy in line with one from FreshOil. Here’s a quote from FreshOil: “However the Lord continued to remind me of this 3-day warning (from August). Then He revealed to me that 3 days also referred to 3 months. (  Then we would have to wait until November to see if this turns out to be true or not. And we get more time to prepare.

4) Sometimes we misinterpret a message. 

The message didn’t say there will be destruction in 2 days. It says “things coming in 2 days that will cause destruction in your land”.  So it could mean something happens in 2 days that later leads to destruction and this is a true warning from the Lord.  It is also interesting to note that Jesus said things like this all the time, that people misinterpreted. For example, Jesus is speaking here:

“Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.   Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.  So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!   Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.”  Matthew 24:30-34

So which of these is true – was this message from Christ genuine (and if so why didn’t this things take place as stated), or did they misunderstand what He was saying?  Perhaps Christ misspoke or was just having a bad day?

5) It is helpful to step back and look at the big picture and other sources. 

Besides the two-day issue is the question of a pandemic with boils.  This is confirmed by several other watchmen, although they did not give specific dates:  Last April 1, Sandhu Sadhar Selveraj, who is a highly respected Christian from India, prophesied on April 1 that 2020 was a year of preparation, and that God wants us to prepare this year because next year terrible things will happen.  He also said a worse pandemic is coming that will make coronavirus look like nothing.  It will be a mutation of COVID, that will feel like the sting of a hornet with great pain, and will cause boils on the body.  Another confirmation regarding boils is from this message from A Servant’s Heart:

In conclusion:

  • We should always approach prophecies with humility and skepticism – humility because they may truly be from the Lord, and skepticism because they may be false and from a deceiving spirit.
  • We should always test the spirits, and use the Word of God as our ultimate standard in all things.  Any messages that contradict it should be rejected.
  • Because this is about the Lord communicating to His people, our finite minds often do not grasp the full meaning of the message.  This suggests a more nuanced understanding of whether prophecies are fulfilled or not in the time and way we anticipate.  As you may know some prophecies in the Old Testament were fulfilled in the near time and are also being fulfilled in these end times.
  • Take a hard look at any messages that include hard dates because they may cause people confusion and disillusionment among Christians (including myself).

I believe crises are coming to America because God is just and our nation deserves it, and because He is merciful and He knows that many souls will come to Him only because of crises that threaten the status quo and their lives.  And that God warns us to prepare for our own good.  I have also come to the conclusion that although quite flawed, I am a watchman, and I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands.   

Blessings on your day, 


URGENT 2 DAY WARNING for 9/11/20!!!

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 11:47 AM

I share this with urgency and with such grieving in my heart. I desire only to warn others to prepare and be obedient to what the Lord has called me to do as a vessel receiving His words. The Lord woke me up at 3:36 this am. Looking up 336 in Strong’s concordance and it means…every mountain and island (coastline) were moved out of their places. The innocent will be delivered; taking away life.  

Please, REPENT and seek the Lord! He will guide and protect when you seek to abide in Him. Then when I went into prayer with the Lord I received these words below. I believe this plague will be in the water and will hit like a tidal wave fast and hard. Please, please take this to the Lord in prayer for confirmation and instructions. The Lord has been sending many warnings to stock up on water and food!!!  

“Daughter, there are things coming your way in two days that will cause destruction in your land. As the enemy wants to commemorate things that happened on that day and to send a message in a new way. Their goal is to conquer the hearts and minds of those living in the land of the free and for your nation to take a knee. The enemy stands at your gates determined to seal your fate. The attack on your soil will be a plague of boils that will start along the coastland and move inland. This will cause panic and fear and a nation filled with tears.  

The infection will cause destruction with your supply and demand as it sweeps across the land. This will require another lockdown to control all of what is bought and sold. They will reduce your food supply and will use the infection as the reason why. You must lean on me for the things you will see and come to me on bended knee. 

I will strengthen you and be your guide as you walk by my side. This judgement will humble the proud and reduce the crowd in moving around. Their focus is to limit what you do so they can control more of you. The time has come for more of the beast system to be allowed in.”  

Your Heavenly Father