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Life is a great adventure, and I have discovered that just around the corner will be another chapter of my life, with new insights, people, and experiences that I did not anticipate.  I was raised in a traditional Lutheran church in southwest Iowa, then abandoned those beliefs when I went to college. 

Since then, I have been a subjectivist, Marxist, classical humanist, and finally a Christian again after many years.  I discovered that my mother was right when she emphasized the importance of reading the Word, and that the God-shaped vacuum in my life could only be filled by Jesus Christ, son of the living God.

I have been impressed by Martin Luther, who at the risk of his life, stood fast on the primacy of scripture at the Imperial Diet of Worms on April 18 1521.  For years I could not reconcile human reason with Christian faith until I starting reading Frances Schaefer, who wrote of a God who created us in His image with the capacity to reason, as well as the capacity and desire to have a relationship with Him. 

More recently, I have taken to heart the several passages in the New Testament that speak of the work of the Holy Spirit to teach, convict, comfort, and direct our lives if we will but yield to Him. 

I was fortunate to have a career in academia, but compared to the Truth in the Word of God, my Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis and Administration is wood, hay, and stubble.  I also discovered that the most spiritual person in our building (full of educated people), was a short African American woman who was a janitor. I have also been blessed with a wife, two daughters, a son-in-law, and four grandchildren.

Finally, it became clear that we are truly in the End Times described in the Word of God, and that it is important to share with others what is happening, what is yet to happen, and how we as Christians can prepare for these events – spiritually, physically, and financially. 

So that is the purpose of this blog, and to provide regular updates from myself and fellow believers about how we can and should live in this time, as well as valuable tools that you can use to witness to the sovereign, living God of the universe.  This includes, or will include, cards you can print out and send, quotes to frame as gifts, incredible stories and articles to share with others, and letters that address important issues of the day.  Glad you could join us.

Life is short.  God is great.  Walk with the Lord.

Mark Peterson

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