If You Have Already Taken the Covid-19 Vaccine, PART II – Covid-19 Vaccines Change Our DNA and It Was All Planned

Dear Friends:

They lied to us AGAIN. Not only do the COVID-19 vaccines change our God-given DNA, but this has all been planned ahead of time. (It really is a conspiracy).

Part I of this series documented that “If You Have Already Taken the Covid-19 Vax, Your Health is in Danger”, because Covid-19 vaccines are neither effective nor safe. It included shocking results of the vaccines that never make it into the corrupt mainstream media, but are impacting billions of people and their families world-wide.

This Part II describes how it changes our DNA, and that this has been in the works for a long time. In addition to articles from authoritative scientific sources, it includes some messages from watchmen and women who the Lord has raised up to warn His people of upcoming events, guide us through this difficult time, and exhort America to repent.

To learn more, check out this issue: PART II – Covid-19 Vaccines Change Our DNA and It Was All Planned.

“Part III – Covid-19 Vaccines Threaten Our Eternal Destiny” is also now available, which will address the spiritual dimensions of our current situation and the vax, and includes a key action step. You won’t want to miss it. 

As always, question everything, do your own research, and take this to the Lord for confirmation.

Be bold. Be strong. Be courageous and walk with the Lord.


Mark Peterson, Ph.D.

We Will Own Nothing and Be Happy

If we are to reach others effectively, it is important to know what they are thinking and what they are drawn to, so we can respond to them where they are.

One of the most attractive and deadly strategies from the Father of Lies is utopianism – the notion that we can create heaven on earth (without Christ).  Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto describes how socialism will replace capitalism, then communism will replace socialism. Marx stated that in communism, the state (police) will wither away because everyone’s needs will be met, and crime will disappear.  This is a lie from the pit of hell, because communist regimes that have embraced this philosophy have killed over 94 million OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

The latest version of utopianism is “The Great Reset”, the transformation of our political, social, economic, financial, and religious systems, all in the name of sustainable development.  Planned for decades, it even includes reinventing what it means to be human through transhumanism – the merger of the physical, digital, and biological worlds through implanting technologies into our bodies that connect us electronically to the system and even change our DNA. Question: if we can be controlled by some external stimuli, are we still fully human?

“You will own nothing and be happy” states Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, author of the book: “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, and mastermind behind the World Economic Forum that brings together world leaders to promote this agenda. The quote gives us a glimpse into their plans for us. (By the way, two ways to get us to “own nothing” are to greatly increase taxes and stimulate very high inflation, both of which would require us to sell our possessions just in order to live.)

Of course as Christians we know that The Greatest Reset that ever took place was when Christ came, died for our sins, rose again, and invites us to receive Him as our Savior.  We then live a life in the Spirit, and when we step into eternity, we will go to heaven, where WE WILL (TRULY) OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY.  Let us go forth and share the good news with others about The Greatest Reset.

To God be the glory