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Is the Russian-Ukraine War a Just War – Three Perspectives

This issue of Life in the Spirit will address the question: “Is the Russian-Ukrainian War a Just War?” from three perspectives – from the perspectives of U.S./NATO, Russia, and our Lord.  The Ukrainian people are experiencing tremendous suffering with this conflict, as they battle for their lives, their homeland, and their future. And Ukraine has … Continue reading “Is the Russian-Ukraine War a Just War – Three Perspectives”

We Are at War on Two Fronts

We are at war on two fronts – the proxy war in Ukraine and the spiritual war against evil.  Furthermore, the pace of events is accelerating – the U.S. and NATO are become more deeply involved in the Russian – Ukraine war, our government warns us of another pandemic coming, supply and supply chain disruptions … Continue reading “We Are at War on Two Fronts”

Time is Short; Time for Action

The pace of events is speeding up, so it is important to understand what is happening and how best we can respond and prepare – physically, financially, personally, and especially spiritually. This Part III of the March issue of Life in the Spirit Newsletter focuses on events taking place and soon underway that will impact … Continue reading “Time is Short; Time for Action”

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