We Are at War on Two Fronts

We are at war on two fronts – the proxy war in Ukraine and the spiritual war against evil.  Furthermore, the pace of events is accelerating – the U.S. and NATO are become more deeply involved in the Russian – Ukraine war, our government warns us of another pandemic coming, supply and supply chain disruptions threaten our food and energy supplies, and the Fed runs the printing presses like they did in Weimar, Germany in 1923, which destroyed the economy by hyperinflation. This May-June issue of Life in the Spirit addresses these events, how it will affect us in our daily lives. You can see it here:

 Jesus chastised the Pharisees for not understanding the times, so we too need to understand the times, so we can act responsibly, always drawing close to the Lord for peace and guidance.  And as threats to America increase, it is important to heed the call to fast and pray, described in this May-June issue of Life in the Spirit.

Blessings on your day,

Mark Peterson, Ph.D. 

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