Those Who Wish to Hear My Voice

Word from God, January 24, 2020 by Joni Bonnette

If you want to hear My voice, you must pay the price.  You must seek Me out – in prayer and fasting.  You must gain control over your body and dedicate it to Me.  I have planted gifts in each of you, but you must seek them out.  You were born for this time, to serve Me.

You do not hear My voice for you and your life because you are not willing to pay the price.  You must die to yourself on a daily basis.  My grace is sufficient for you.  The door is still open, but when My remnant is taken home, you who are left will have to go through the tribulation, and it will be a time your nation has never seen before.

America has not learned to repent and cry out to God, so I Am bringing judgements.  They have started and they will increase.  You must first repent, and surrender all, and I will take you by your hand.  Surrender all.  Press in.  Ask for the Holy Spirit. 

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