Edutainment Misnamed

Lisa Miller’s June 4 story entitled “Belief Watch Edutainment” was a great example of edutainment – an entertaining, one-sided perspective on a complex topic.  Miller refers to Creation Museum founder Ken Ham as an evangelist, overlooking the scientific books he has written.  Portraying the creation museum as “Bible-based edutainment…posing as science”, Miller ignores the scientific evidence for creation.  Charles Darwin stated that the validity of his theory of evolution depended on the fossil record.  And yet the gaps – lack of fossils – between species persists, thus contradicting Darwin’s theory. 

There are over 10,000 scientists in the U.S. today, who embrace the creation perspective.  No one would look at a Boeing 747 and conclude that there was no designer, that it all happened by chance over millions of years.  And yet evolutionists would have us believe that the human brain, which is much more complex than a 747, happened by blind chance, given enough time.  Now that’s edutainment!

Mark Peterson

Little Rock, AR

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