Divine Appointments

Today was a day of reflection.  As the hours marched on, God revealed to me during my fasting and prayer that we take for granted the many times we are given a divine appointment.  We can choose to allow it to bless someone or miss an appointment that God set up for us to show others Christ lives in us.

I know that the hours draw nearer and nearer to the moment when Christ will come to take those whom He loves home to heaven.  But today I realized that every hour we are given divine appointments and we are blessed to serve God even in the midst of a storm.

These are events over the last few months that occurred, and today God showed me clearly how very much He loves His children, even unto the very last one.  He shows His love through His servants.

Standing in a grocery line the women in front of us, checking out her groceries with her teenage daughter goes to pay with her debit card.  The cashier passes it through and it is denied.  They do it again, only to have it denied twice.  She was very embarrassed, so she tries another card to no avail.  I could see the sheer horror on her face, and her daughter completely humiliated.  Knowing that God had blessed us with a monetary gift, I heard God saying “pay for her order”.  I told Bob, if it is denied again, we are to pay for her groceries. 

As the manager came over, and they checked again, they told her it was not going through (she asked what day it was, as if a paycheck should have hit her bank).  She was just about to leave with nothing, and I told the manager “use this debit card”.  She was shocked and tears started running down her cheeks.  I told her that God gave her a gift and that He loved her, go in peace and give thanks to God.  Not only was that appointment used for her, but her daughter was speechless, the manager and the young cashier were in tears … DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

A young couple who have nothing and love God with all their hearts live on a third floor, sleep on the floor, have a baby, and are trying to start a business. Bob goes there on a business call and his heart is moved.  He comes home to share with me, so we go and pull out provisions and supplies to share so they have food, toilet paper, and fun things that they would not buy for themselves… DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

Giving a homeless man a birthday wish of a lasagna and a birthday cake.  When he says that last year he spent his birthday with “Captain Morgan” (the rum bottle), and he never had a birthday cake in his life, and no one cooked something special just for him… DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

Going through the items we had left, and realizing that some veterans who just got housing and needed everything, all they got from our government was an apartment.  Giving up a mattress and box spring that was new and in storage, was again trusting God to supply what we need at the time we need it. Going shopping with tithe money to buy things they never had for themselves and seeing them cry with joy and sharing a hug and telling that Jesus loves them… DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

Seeing someone crying and stopping long enough to see what you can do for them.  Hours later, you have shed tears of sorrow and joy.  They just needed someone to listen and show the love of Christ… DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

Today leaving the ministry, we headed home early.  Thinking we would get some things done so that we could catch with life.  We were on the highway, when all of sudden Bob sees a small Mini Cooper come across three lanes of traffic out of control, take flight, hit the median, and start on fire.  We stop the car, run over, and get this precious young man out of the car, his face covered in blood, in shock, and confused.  I sat him down on the median.  I ran and got out wet wipes, cleaned his face and wounds, as Bob went back to get what he could out of the car.  My grandson who is 7 and my little dog in our car watched everything on the sidelines safe inside our car.

We stayed with this young man for 4 hours.  He was such a sweet young man, 27, and found out that he knows the Lord.  I knew in my spirit that today was “for such a time as this”.  After hours waiting for the state police to arrive, and finishing the accident report, we took him to his work to show his boss that he was in fact in an accident.  (His short covered in blood, his suit pants split in half, and still a bit out of sorts), we drove him home only to find out that he only lives three blocks from the ministry.  We got home at 7:30 p.m. after leaving at 1 p.m., only to both realize that we saw God save this man out of a car for a greater purpose… DIVINE APPOINTMENT.

These are just a few of the things I have experienced these past few months, and there are many others.  I know that time is very short, and the hours draw even closer, but we all need to realize that each day God gives us divine appointments to keep.  They may be small, and some large, but God will use them for His glory.  We are to keep our eyes fixed on our great God and King.  Time is irrelevant.  Does God make time for us?  Are we to share the provisions that God gave to us?  Are we to be Christ in a dying world?

Let us never forget to use our time left wisely.  Stop, listen to those who seem unlovable, God thinks they are important.  Stop, let go of the things that hold you here on the earth, they are going to be gone soon.  Look for every opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ, in the smallest, to the greatest opportunity, every encounter matters.  You cup will be overflowing.  Give God all the glory and give Him the praise.  Time may be short, but divine appointments are still just that – DIVINE.

May God use His people to bless the lost, lonely, hurting, and hopeless.  We all can make a difference in someone’s life.  Make your time count.

In the precious blood of Jesus,

Manette July 29, 2014