Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are and Act Like It – Daily

You are a son of Adam, created in the image of God, and a son of the second Adam (Christ), created for good works.  Remember this.  Live like you belief this.  You are a son of Adam and a son of God.  The life you are looking for can only be found in God.

The life that you are looking for can only be found in God through His Son Jesus Christ.  It cannot be found in the daughters of Eve, in money, in power, in experiences, in fame, in possessions, in sex, or in work.  It can only be found in God through Christ Jesus our Lord.  Only He can fill the hole, fill the void.  Only He can answer the question.  Only He is worth living for, dying for.  Only He is worthy of being the reason we do what we do.  True joy and peace and freedom can only be found in Him.  Healing is only found in Him.  He is the end game.  He is what we live for.  He is the audience we live for.  He is life.

Remember who Eve is, and her daughters.  The daughters of Eve were created.  They were created to be our helper.  Eve is not the end game.  God is.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam chose Eve over God.  We continue to make this choice to this day.  Do not do this.  Choose God.  Eve’s beauty reflects the beauty of God.  Perhaps we glimpse eternity in it.  We see God’s glory.  It is magnificent.  She is truly beautiful.  That is why we are so drawn to the daughters of Eve.  That is why her beauty is so compelling, why we so easily think she is the end game.  She can easily become the reason we live and do what we do.  But she is not.  GOD is the end game.  He is the reason we live and do what we do.  Remember this.  He is our reason to live.

And remember that the life you are looking for can only be found in God.  Remember this when you gaze upon the daughters of Eve.  Do not be fooled and think she has life.  Only God has the life you crave.  I must remind myself of his every day, every time I look upon her beauty.  Only God has life.  Life abundant.

So, having said this, truly believing this, what does this mean to me?  How now should I live?  How should I view the daughters of Eve when confronted by their beauty?  How should I live with my wife, the daughter of Eve that I have chosen as my helper?

I am a son of Adam and a son of the second Adam, Jesus Christ.  I am restored to fellowship with God by the work of Christ.  God grant me the wisdom, strength, and courage to walk with You and accomplish the works You created me to do while I am here on this earth.  Train me to think rightly and to act rightly.  Train me to look upon the daughters of Eve as you intend me to.  Don’t let my flesh overcome me.  Do not let me fall in to the traps of the world, sin and Satan.  Teach me your ways and show me how to live.

Remember, you are a son of Adam, born again.  You are also a son of God.  Remember this.  Act like it.  Think like it.  And act like a man.  Don’t act like a woman.  Don’t act like an animal.  Don’t act like a child.  Act like a man.

Every trap the devil sets is upside down.  It delivers the opposite of what it promises.  The fruit delivered death, not life.  Following Satan leads to bondage and a loss of freedom and fewer choices, not the freedom he promises.  Everything he says is a lie.  Every trap he sets delivers the opposite of the promise he uses to bait us into the trap.  You would think we would figure this out be now.  I guess we are easily fooled.

Remember that everything he says is a lie and you will be well served.  Remember that every trap delivers the opposite of its promise and perhaps you will keep your foot out of it.  Remember that every argument he makes is upside down and you will not be fooled and led astray by this theories and teachings.

Everything he does is to keep us from God and occupy our time in worthless endeavors.  Remember Egypt and the Wilderness.  Do not settle in either of these places; they are Satan’s.  Move on to the Promised Land.  Egypt is his land of bondage and slavery.  The Wilderness is his land of wasted life.  Move out of both of these places, and get God’s help as needed to do so.  And move into the Promised Land life of working with God and building His kingdom.  Be a Matthew 6:33 kind of guy.  Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.

Accept responsibility.  God has put you in charge.  Be in charge.  Don’t blame others, don’t pretend you don’t know what is going on.  Don’t abdicate decisions to others when it is your decision to make.  Accept responsibility.  Be responsible, for good or bad.  Step up and be counted.  Face the music.  Move towards the conflict and not away from it.  Move towards problems and not away from them.  Don’t hide; be accessible and available.  Accept responsibility.

Be responsible for those in your charge – for their well-being, for their spiritual growth, and for their safety.  Take responsibility for the work God has given you to do.

Lead courageously.  Leading is what you are to do.  With courage is how you are to do it.  God has put you in command and you are to lead.  You take in the relevant information, get whatever input you need, and talk to God about it.  But ultimately it is your job to make a decision and lead your family, your team, your business unit, your friends, your girlfriend, whatever and whoever God has put you in command of.  People may not like your decisions.  You may not like some of the decisions you have to make.  You may not like the outcome of some of the decisions you make.  You may not even want to make the decision.  But is your job to lead, to lead with courage and to make decisions.  Just do it.

The issue isn’t whether God is speaking but whether or not you can hear Him or want to hear Him.  Are you living your life in such a way that you can hear from God?  Are you giving God opportunities to speak to you?  Are you stopping to listen?  Are you taking the time to record what he says to you?  Do you need to slow down your life?  When do you hear from God?  Where do you hear from God?  Do you need to establish a time and a place to hear from Him?  What works best for you?  Make time for God.

Ed Levy

Little Rock, Arkansas