People Are Oblivious to What’s About to Happen

Mike Adams, Health Ranger,, September 24, 2020

Most people have no clue about what is about to happen.  Almost all of what they believe is true is not true.  Their lack of preparedness will be the downfall of America.  They are not psychologically ready for what is about to happen.  They think people will play fair and abide by the social constraints of politeness, or honor, or dignity.  But those things are not true. 

We are in a state of war in America.  This is a political war; there is a street war with arsonists and murderers.  There is a culture war and an information war, with censorship and big tech shaping what is allowed to be shared and posted.  They will have insurrectionists in the streets, ready to take action, to take over the White House, and kill Republicans and Christians and gun owners.  They are called BLM and Antifa. 

If people knew what would happen, there would be a mass exodus out of the cities.  People will stay in the cities, which are food deserts, which have to import food.  They are not stocking up on water or water filters.  Martial law is coming to stop the riots, with lockdowns.  You are likely to see power stations taken down after the election. 

91-95% of the riots are caused by BLM, which is an admitted Marxist group that wants to overthrow our government and bring in a Marxist government where white people are criminals just for being white and black people have supremacy – black privilege.  And there is nothing they won’t do to achieve that, including attacking the infrastructure, causing trains to crash.

The disruptions that will happen will be so severe, the left could stage a false flag slaughter of their own siege group on the White House in order to blame Trump.  The only two things that could come close would be the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  Millions of Americans could die in the coming events, which could include biological weapons. Be ready for what is coming.  It will be unprecedented.