Pat Robertson’s Horse

In his book “The Plan”, Pat Robertson describes how many years ago he purchased a beautiful Arabian stallion.  It stood 16 hands tall, and was a very powerful animal.  To make sure he could handle it, Pat hired a professional horse trainer to train it.

After a couple of months, the trainer brought the horse to Pat, and was showing him how to ride it.  With the trainer on the horse, it would move forward, backwards, and turn to the right or left.  But Pat could not see the trainer pulling on the reins.  So he asked the trainer how he did it.  The trainer replied that the horse was so well trained that just the slightest nudge would move the horse away from the nudge.

Pat was impressed, then concluded that that is how we are to be with the Lord.  We are to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit that the slightest nudge will move us to act.  Jesus said that He is the good shepherd and His sheep hear His voice.  So we should be so in the Spirit, and know the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, that we don’t debate, or pray about it, but take action because we know it is from the Lord.