Only Science Can Explain the World and Reality

“Only science can explain the world and reality.  Everyone else, particularly those who believe in religion, are holding on to mythological systems, without adequate proof.”

Response: Very interesting.  You have staked out a world view that is different from everyone else’s, and at the same time claim it is not a belief system, and that everybody else is holding to “mythological systems” without adequate proof.  So in reality, you hold to a set of beliefs, like everyone else’s.  You just claim it is not a set of beliefs.  Like having your cake and eat it too. 

Perhaps you have heard this story of the end times:  everyone is on this big field, with Satan on one end and Jesus on the other.  There is a fence that goes through the middle of the field.  Satan says: “That one is mine”, and picks a person out of the crowd.  Jesus says: “That one is mine”, and picks another person out of the crowd.  This continues until there is one guy left, who is sitting on the fence.  Satan says: “You’re mine.”  The guy protests, claiming that he is sitting on the fence, and therefore Satan has no claim over him.  Satan replies:  “I own the fence.” 

You are the guy on the fence, claiming to be unbiased (by “mythological systems”).  And people are starting to gather in the field…

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