The Global Reset Survival Guide is Now Available

FREE as a nine-hour downloadable audio book with PDF transcript:

August 07, 2020 by: Mike Adams,

It’s now officially launched: The FREE, downloadable nine-hour audio book and PDF transcript with reference materials: The Global Reset Survival Guide is now available for instant downloading at:  It features a wealth of the best information Mike Adams has acquired in over 20 years of preparedness and survival training, including many years of training with former U.S. Special Forces and Navy Seals personnel.

This critical guide reveals everything you need to know for:

  • Financial survival and asset protection during the collapse,
  • Self-defense survival against the violent mobs,
  • How to survive the engineered mass famine / food supply collapse,
  • How to get out of the cities and suburbs and relocate to an area that’s survivable,
  • How to hide your valuable supplies from tyrannical government “authorities” who confiscate everything, and
  • Specific, detailed recommendations of gear, including radio communications, night vision, chest rigs, red dot sights, firearms, perimeter defense items and much more.