Are You in Love? 13 Signs That Say Yes

Are you in love with another person? Here are some signs that say yes:

  1. When you think about the future, your partner is in it.

When you make plans both in the near and distant future, you automatically factor your partner into them.

2. When you are away from them, you miss them immediately.

Every moment with them means so much more than the times you are without them. When you’re not together, you miss them all the time.

3. You have great chemistry.

You can’t be in love if you don’t have good chemistry both mentally and physically. The spark should always be alive.

4. You love spending time with them.

You could spend all of your time with your partner and never get sick of being around them.

5. You have stopped caring about past relationships.

People you dated in the past no longer matter – you don’t stay in touch with them or check up on them on social media.

6. Other priorities are no longer as important as they used to be.

Things that used to be important to you are now easily put on the back burner because the priorities you have with your partner are so much more important.

7. Every little thing reminds you of them.

Little details you see while walking down the street or doing daily activities make you think about your partner.

8. You find their little quirks and flaws to be adorable.

The things they don’t like about themselves are the traits that you love about them. You think their quirks are sweet.

9. You feel comfortable talking to them about anything.

You know you can tell your partner anything without being judged. You feel comfortable being open about your thoughts and feelings.

10. Even when you get mad at them, you always forgive them.

You may argue, but that will never stop you from making up and being together. Love can be passionate both in good and bad ways.

11. You find yourself always bringing them up in conversation.

You can’t help but bring up their name when talking about something with another person. They are such a big part of your life that it’s too easy to do.

12. You feel like they make you a better person.

Being with your partner improves who you are as a person every single day. You feel better about yourself.

13. The thought of living without them is unimaginable.

Life without the one you love is unfathomable. You want them around, always and forever.

Now review these same signs about your relationship with the Lord, the sovereign, living God of the universe.  Jesus said we are to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37  Do you love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? Are you in love with the Lord? He loves you, and invites you to spend eternity with Him – here and in heaven.

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