We Are All One and We Are Divine

“Perhaps Jesus wouldn’t have others see him as Jesus, either, but rather as an embodiment of Truth.  Perhaps when he told his followers to go and do as he had done, he meant to likewise embody the divine as he did. 

It seems that for this to happen, it calls for a letting go in some way, of one’s claim to one’s own separate identity, even while the appearance of separation may persist.  Finally, what would you see peering into anyone’s soul, including Jesus?  Perhaps each soul is a unique expression of the divine.”

Point #1:  “Perhaps Jesus wouldn’t have others see him as Jesus, either, but rather as an embodiment of Truth.”

RESPONSE:  I think Jesus gradually revealed who He was to his disciples and to the public over time, perhaps because that was the most effective way to reveal who He really was.  If someone arrived into town, and announced they were God in the flesh, in all likelihood they would have been run out of town, or more likely, stoned to death, the penalty for blasphemy in those days.  But it is also clear from scripture that He saw himself as the unique son of sovereign, living God, and not merely an embodiment of Truth. 

He said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one goes to the Father but through Me.”  He could have said: “I am one of the ways, part of the truth, and some of the life”, but He didn’t.  It was also clear that the Pharisees understood that He claimed to be God, as the chief priest tore his clothes after quizzing Jesus about who He was.  Chief priests don’t just tear their clothes as a habit – it is a specific action indicating that the chief priest heard blasphemy (someone claiming to be God, not merely an embodiment of Truth), the penalty of which is death.

Point #2:  “Perhaps when he told his followers to go and do as he had done, he meant to likewise embody the divine as he did.”

RESPONSE:  Jesus did promise them that they could become one with Him and with the Father if they were totally repentant and seeking a close relationship with God.  But they would never be God.  That was the first lie in the Garden of Eden from Satan to Adam and Eve – “Ye shall be as gods”.  It was also Satan’s claim to godhood – to be the same as the sovereign, living God that led to his downfall.  From a traditional Biblical perspective, Jesus’ followers could become a part of the body of believers, who would enjoy fellowship with God on this earth and in heaven.      

Point #3:  “It seems that for this to happen, it calls for a letting go in some way, of one’s claim to one’s own separate identity, even while the appearance of separation may persist.”

RESPONSE:  Jesus called the children of Israel, and His followers called the Gentiles to let go, but not of their separate identity.  He called them to let go of their self-centeredness – of their sin – of everything that keeps them from loving God and their fellow man with all of their heart, mind, and soul.  He was not preaching self-improvement, but self-abandonment to a life in Christ.  We are to become new creatures with new identities, not the abandonment of our separate identities to become a part of The All.  The separation of us as individuals in the physical world is obvious, and is not merely an appearance. 

In the spiritual world, Jesus and the prophets of the Old Testament describe two worlds – God and His dominion, and Satan and his demons, and the two do not meet.  Jesus told His disciples that when they died, they would go to heaven, and that He will go before them, “to make a place for them”.  They would retain their identities, they would be in an incredible place where they could fellowship with each other, with other believers, and the sovereign, living God.  They would not lose their identities as drops of water that enter the ocean.

 (Personally, I would rather go to the former place rather than cease to exist as a person).  Jesus told a parable about a selfish rich man who died and went to hell, and asked God to warn his friends and family.  God’s response was that that gulf was too wide to bridge, and that his friends and family have the prophets to accept or reject.  

Point #4:  “Finally, what would you see peering into anyone’s soul, including Jesus?  Perhaps each soul is a unique expression of the divine.

RESPONSE:  I would agree that each soul is a unique expression of the divine as a created person with body, soul, and spirit.  However, the Bible makes clear the distinctions between God, His created beings, and the rest of creation.  So only God is truly divine (absolutely holy, without sin), and His created beings were created in the image of God, although that image was tarnished by Adam and Eve.  The rest of creation reflects God’s nature and order, in contrast to the evolutionary perspective that life – extraordinary order – evolved out of nothing, or perhaps an explosion.

The hourglass will be empty.

One of these years, you or I (or both) won’t be at the annual Community Development Society conference.  Our time will have been up – all of the sand in our hourglass will have flowed to the bottom.  At that time, each of us will cease to live on this earth, other than in the memories of families and friends.  Unlike each day that stretches before us, once that happens, we are out of control – our destiny is set. 

Lee Strobel, former Legal Editor, Chicago Tribune, and author of The Case for Christ, undertook an exhaustive investigation to disprove the claims of Christianity.  His conclusion:  “In light of the convincing facts I had learned during my investigation, in the face of this overwhelming avalanche of evidence in the case for Christ, the great irony was this:  it would require much more faith for me to maintain my atheism than to trust in Jesus of Nazareth!”

Robert Greenleaf, a renowned Jewish legal scholar and the foremost expert on rules of evidence, came to the same conclusion.

I lovingly challenge you to do the same – to examine the evidence with a critical but open mind.  The stakes couldn’t be higher – your eternal destiny.  And eternity is a very, very long time.

Walking With God

There are two times recorded in the Bible where God walked among us, and spent large amounts of time on a daily basis interacting with humans.  The first time is in Genesis, where we see God walking with Adam and Eve on a daily basis.  It is the beginning of mankind as we know it, and modern science has revealed to us why it was necessary for God to spend this amount of time with Adam and Eve.

When you make a human being, you do not have a complete human yet.  Biologically, you have an animal, but to take it to the next level and get a human being, there are years of work still left to be done.  And God did this in the beginning.  He literally raised Adam and Eve, and downloaded (if you will allow the computer metaphor) the required information into their brains that finished the work of creation. 

He was literally a father to them, in that he raised them and taught them how to think, speak, etc.  God jumpstarted humanity in the Garden.  He designed the system to be self-replicating, but the original content of “Humanity”, in the image of God, came directly from Him.  He put it in Adam and Eve, the first humans, and then they in turn passed the information on down through the generations.

When a human baby is left in the wilderness and grows up without human contact, eventually that person is never able to learn language or to be a civilized/socialized human.  We know this, because a few of them have been found.  (You can check this out on the internet if you are interested in learning more about it.) 

Science has shown us that the human brain continues to develop as late as our early 20’s usually, and that if the neural pathways are not formed during this period, especially ages 0-5, they never form, and the brain is not normal, not as human, more like an animal.  In order for these pathways to form, interaction with other humans is required so that the information that God put into Adam and Eve can be downloaded into the new human.  In the process of downloading this information, our brains build the neural network that allows us to speak, think, reason, imagine, etc.  It is what distinguishes us from the animals.  It is the image of God, that He put there in the Garden.

We read about God’s word being in all of us, and it turns out, it literally is.  It has been passed down to us all the way from the original two humans, Adam and Eve, through socialization as discussed above, and also genetically (it turns out that some information is actually passed down biologically somehow, but we do not fully understand it yet – if you want to discuss this further, please give me a call – too long to go into this here).    But there was another thing that happened in the Garden that has been passed down to us.

We often hear or talk about a “God shaped hole” that is in all of us.  We try to fill it with all kinds of things to no avail.  But only God can fill this hole.  Where did this hole come from?  It came from Adam and Eve.  They walked with God.  The God shaped hole that is in us all, came from our original parents literally walking with God on a daily basis. 

We were meant to be with God every day, and once we were removed from the Garden, we have had this empty place in our lives that we try to fill with all kinds of things, but only God can fill this hole in our being.  Just as we inherited the sin nature and our humanity from Adam and Eve, we also inherited our God shaped hole from them.

So humanity tools along for centuries, and then in the fullness of time, God shows up again, in the form of Jesus.  God is among us again on a daily basis, and the world is never the same.  Think of it as a software upgrade.  Jesus downloaded new information into humanity, and it has spread the world over.  His life impacted every aspect of human society and civilization. 

There is a great book by John Ortberg about this if you are interested in learning more (Who is this Man?).  In addition to the software upgrade we received, we also received something else.  That God shaped hole can finally be filled again.  At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit showed up, and filled the hole in the lives of the first Christians.  And He has been filling the hole in Christians lives ever since.  Amazing.

Are you walking with God today?  Have you let the Holy Spirit fill the God shaped hole in your life yet?  If not, what is holding you back?  What are you putting in that hole that is not working out?  Are you ready to live life the way you were designed by God to live? 

Turn to God today, and walk with him in newness of life.  Let Him fill that hole in your life today, and you will walk with God as Adam and Eve did.  And when you are tempted to put something else there, remember that God is your life, not that thing or that person.

Be Blessed,

Ed Levy

Hearing God

Augusto Perez


Revelation 2:7: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; to him that overcomes will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.”

Mankind has for ages wanted to be able to hear and communicate with the Creator. When Adam and Eve were created, they were able to hear and see God in the Garden of Eden with perfect clarity. Their spirits were connected to the Spirit of the Creator, the One who created all things by the Spoken Word, and thus were able to hear him and see Him.

After they sinned they died spiritually, as their spiritual DNA was messed up (their physical DNA was corrupted as well, however we will not address that topic on this series of lessons). They lost their ability to hear the voice of God and see Him because of their fallen state. When the Church was born at Pentecost, they received the ability to hear the voice of the Father.

When the Holy Spirit indwells a human spirit through the born again experience, not only is the born again believer able to hear the voice of God once again, but he is endued with certain spiritual abilities that the Bible refers to as gifts of the Spirit (John 3:6-7; 1 Corinthians 12). 

God made man with three parts to his being. Man has a spirit, a soul and a body. As a human being you have a part of you that came from God and which has the same nature as God. That part is your spirit and it has access to the realm of the Spirit.  Your spirit has the capability to make contact with heaven, but yet it is living in a physical body that dwells on the earth.  That is basically what Jesus Christ referred to when He said:

John 1:18: “No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him.”

Yahushua was physically on the earth but His spirit was in perfect union with the Father at the same time. Whenever you are born again of the spirit, you are already walking in the heavenly realm without realizing it. The moment that you accepted Jesus as your LORD and Savior and were born again, you gained access into the spiritual realm where He dwells.

This means that your spirit is in touch with His Spirit at all times:

Colossians 1:27: “To whom God would make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory”.

Whenever you are born again, the Spirit of the Lord comes to dwell within you spirit. Your spirit is in touch with the Holy Spirit and is in touch with the heavenly realm twenty-four hours per day. God is communing and communicating with your spirit twenty-four hours a day through the Holy Spirit.

What a great honor.  We have to lay this important foundation so that we may be able to go on to the things that we want to cover in the next few lessons where we will get into how to actually hear His voice.