I Will Shake Thee Oh America

9/22/20  God’s Handmaiden

What must I do, oh America, to convince you of My coming judgement?  Many things will happen on your great land, oh America.  I will shake thee and sift you like wheat.  I come quickly, and seek you who are repentant.  Where are you, oh My sheep?  Do not allow the enemy to seek your soul. 

America, your stench of sin is at My nostrils, a foul smell of death.  My sheep, who hear My still small voice – you must continue to prepare for what you know is just ahead.  You know what has been prophesied.  The fall has begun in this year 2020.  September is fair, but soon comes the bear.  Prepare, Prepare.  Danger at every corner, lurking to entangle and ensnare. 

You will be divided, oh land of the free, not free any longer you will soon see.  Many will meet their maker during the fall.  One and all must humbly come unto Me.  The separation of families near and abroad.  Not happy occasions will there be.  Come unto Me now humbly and seek forgiveness.  As the ground begins to shake, I will hold you in the palms of My hands.

A shaking of your land off the Richter scale will take place due to your lack of reverence for Me.  Holy is your Lord and Savior and holy shall you be.  Answer my pleas.  Your days are shorter and shorter.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but all who are Mine shall soon dine.

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