Who Should Decide the Future of Crimea?

Crimea was part of Russia until Khrushchev transferred it to Ukraine in 1954.  Who should decide where their home should be?  The West?  Ukraine? The Crimeans?  Putin?

When our president told Russian Prime Minister Medvedev “tell Vladimir after the election, I will have more flexibility”, what did he mean?

After cancelling the anti-missile shield we promised to eastern Europe, why should they trust us now?

Recently our president took credit for helping (while a U.S. Senator) convince the Ukrainians to eliminate their nuclear weapons.  What would the Ukrainians say about that now?

We are unwilling to return Germany’s gold, and Russia provides them major industrial commodities and natural gas.  Given the cold German winters, why would they would want to remain our ally?

How can we talk about promoting democracy when we supported (with $5B) the overthrow of the democratically-elected (and Russia-leaning) president of Ukraine?

The Russians have only two warm water ports, one of which is in Crimea.  Did we really expect them to give it up when our people came to power in Ukraine?     

When we levy sanctions against Russia, are we aware that they and their Chinese friends can crash the dollar by selling their treasuries?  (Get ready for $10 milk and $12 gas.)

Our nation is staring at WWIII, and it won’t just happen over there.  The sovereign, living God of the universe is not surprised by these events.  He is available 24/7, and is waiting to hear from us.  But time may be short.

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