Followers of Jesus

Followers of Jesus are from many nations. They care about each other enough to gather together in small groups on a regular basis.  They think together, discuss together, pray together, and play together in order to learn, little by little, to:

  • Love unconditionally
  • Serve God and not money
  • Humble themselves
  • Give without seeking a return
  • Empower, and not control
  • Show mercy, not revenge
  • Seek justice and freedom for all people
  • Encourage, and not discourage
  • Spread hope, and not despair
  • Believe, and not doubt

They have decided to seek to do this together in order to establish throughout the world a “revolution of love” so powerful that the division and animosity separating people and nations will be greatly eliminated or replaced by the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation as modeled by Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus said this can only be accomplished by the transformation of the human heart by the power of God and not man; which is causing them, step by step, to begin to:

  • Think like Jesus
  • Talk like Jesus
  • Act like Jesus
  • Love like Jesus

This then, is creating a climate throughout the world where men and women will find that the order of the day is:

  • To see the invisible 
  • To believe the incredible
  • To do the impossible

In spite of the fact that many think this is an unachievable dream, a follower of Jesus is learning to become a better citizen, not only as part of their own nation but also as a citizen of the world.  They are learning on a day to day basis what it means to “love God and to love their neighbor as themselves.” They are brothers and sisters according to the command of Jesus. 

They are learning to love and forgive their enemies. They are experiencing, in some small degree, the liberating power of “doing unto others what they would want others to do unto them.”

Governor David Beasley

2013 Gathering, Arkansas 4-H Center

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