A Story of Czar Nicolas – Such a Debt, Who Can Pay

Czar Nicolas the king of Russia would from time to time travel to outposts in Russia disguised as someone else so he could see for himself what was going on in his country.

As he was making his tour late one night in this one particular outpost he was walking down the halls of this town hall kind of building and he noticed that the lights were still on in the office of the town treasurer.

Let me go back and explain what was going on in this office. The treasurer for this out post was misusing funds, He was losing money gambling and thinking his luck would turn back he kept digging a bigger hole that would eventually bury him.

Then one day it was the day of reckoning. He received a notice that in a couple of days the bank examiners were coming to check the books an do an audit.

He knew he was in big trouble so on this same night that the Czar would be walking the halls of his office, he was up late counting money and figuring out how much trouble he was in. When he finished adding up the debt that he owed, he knew he was in to deep and there was no way out.

His solution was he would take his life. He had his pistol on the table and when he finished adding up the debt he owed he wrote these words at the bottom of the balance sheet. “Such a debt, who can pay?”

He was overwhelmed with fatigue so he laid his head down on the desk and fell fast to sleep.  While he was sleeping, this is when the Czar of Russia spotted the light on so late in the office of the Treasurer. The Czar saw the door was unlocked and he walked in. He sees the man sleeping, he sees the gun lying by his hand and he looks at the record book and realized this man had been stealing from his kingdom, a crime that would mean the death penalty and disgrace. Then at the bottom of the balance sheet the Czar spotted these words. “Such a debt, who can pay?” This is when the Czar picked up a pen and under the words, “Such a debt, who can pay?” the Czar signed his name and walked out the door.

Just before morning the treasurer woke up and realizing how long he had been asleep, he reached for his pistol to take his life and just before ending his life he looked down at the bottom of the balance sheet and saw the signature of Czar Nicolas.

Finding this hard to believe he looked into his files for a document with the Czar’s signature and sure enough the Czar had been there that night and paid his debt. The next day men from the Treasury of Russia arrived with bags containing the missing money and his debt was paid in full.

The Bible says that we will all stand before God and be judged from what has been written about us in the record books of our lives. We all have been assigned guardian angels to watch over us and record every word, thought, good deeds and bad.

Just like that man in charge of the cash of his town in the story above, God has access of the record books of your life. We owe a debt that is “Such a debt, who can pay?” If you will call out to Jesus the one who died to pay for your debts.

If you will ask Jesus to forgive your sins, Jesus will take his eraser and wipe out the sins that have been recorded in the record book of your life. Then at the bottom of the blank pages of your record book, Jesus will sign His name with these words. “Paid in full by Jesus Christ.”

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